March 2, 2012

Seven Companies with Cultures to Die For

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We’re not all fortunate enough to work at a company with a famous corporate culture like Facebook or Zappos. However, we can take a look at what these other, highly regarded companies do to make work an amazing experience for their employees.

While it’s probably not feasible to implement all of these company’s outstanding perks in our own workplaces, a few additions here and there may help improve our corporate cultures overall.

1. Google: the reigning king of employee perks

The search engine behemoth is well known for providing amazing benefits to keep its employees happy:

  • Indoor and outdoor fitness areas, including bowling lanes, dance studios, a basketball court, a soccer field, tennis courts, a roller hockey rink, a putting green and more
  • Free food for employees in 25 cafeterias
  • Free Android smartphones, given as a holiday gift to employees
  • 18 weeks maternity leave and 12 weeks paternity leave for new parents

2. Facebook: social network and benefits champion

A giant in the social world, Facebook is also pretty huge when it comes to employee benefits:

  • 100% employee healthcare coverage and 50% dependent coverage
  • Up to four months of paid parental leave, plus $4,000 baby cash for new parents
  • 21 days of paid vacation, unlimited sick days and 11 paid holidays annually
  • Free on-site laundry and dry cleaning

3. Zappos: online retailer and employee satisfier

Mainly known for online shoe sales, Zappos is also pretty renowned for providing some great employee perks:

  • 100% healthcare coverage and 85% coverage for dependents and partners
  • 40% employee discount on
  • Free breakfast, lunch, snacks and more
  • Onsite wellness, pet insurance, monthly team outings, concierge services and even nap rooms

4. Netflix: movie distribution mogul and talent promoter

Netflix bucked the trend with its movie delivery service, and it aims to do the same with its employee retention:

  • Unlimited vacation time for employees
  • 9-5 workday not required
  • Open policy for expensing entertainment, gifts and travel
  • $10,000 annual health benefit for employees, and they keep what they don’t use

5. Pixar: animation studio with an animated workforce

We all love the Pixar movies, and thanks to their amazing office spaces, employees love to work there as well:

  • Free film screenings and lectures about film on-site during work hours
  • Free cereal bar with 20 popular choices in stock
  • Amazing office spaces that resemble a film set
  • Even interns get their names in Pixar movie credits

6. Patagonia: passion for the planet and employees

Outdoor clothing manufacturer Patagonia is known for being particularly family friendly when it comes to benefits:

  • Two months of paid childcare leave for new parents
  • Bus transport for children from school to the company’s offices for on-site childcare
  • Five extra days off annually for parents to participate in children’s classroom activities
  • Free and frequent parent education seminars during lunch

7. Burton: snowboard sales and sweet perks

It’s probably no surprise that snowboard company Burton is a fun place to work, and here’s why:

  • Free season pass for all employees
  • Office closes if it snows two feet or more so employees can hit the slopes
  • Skate park located behind the office
  • Dog-friendly work area


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