May 16, 2012

Why Your Company Needs a Book Club

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Communication in the office can sometimes be difficult to navigate, especially with everyone looking at the world through a different set of eyes. So how do we create a lens through which each of us can look and discuss tough problems that we face day to day?

While it may sound simplistic, one great way we’ve overcome this challenge is by creating a CLEARLINK Marketing Book Club. Someone in the group chooses a non-fiction (preferably marketing) book for the members to read. We then meet bi-weekly to discuss the sections we’ve read and chow down on some tasty grub, courtesy of the company.

The great thing about a book is that it provides a solid framework through which to look at something. You may not agree with everything you read, but the words are still on the paper, inside your backpack. The book, and therefore the author’s opinion, becomes an artifact which we use as the reference point for work-related discussion questions.

During the Book Club meetings we are able to bolster our own ideas by leveraging the framework presented by the author. We can also address touchy subjects, citing the book as the source of any criticism or disagreement about how something is working within the department.

These are the types of things we’ve discussed:

  • ways to improve and interpret our mission statement for everyday action
  • how to experiment and bring the insights learned back to the company
  • how we might collaborate better to produce better quality content
  • qualifying the feedback we give (proving it)
  • accepting responsibility when things get overlooked
  • giving and receiving feedback in general

Because the roles represented in the book club are diverse, it has provided insights into the brilliant ideas and serious concerns of people on various teams, creating better transparency for both participating managers and employees.

By: Ryan Chatterton

Jr. Online Content Strategist

CLEARLINK Marketing Book Club Founder

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One Response to Why Your Company Needs a Book Club

Mathew says:

Your point about bringing up the book and its content with regard to your company mission statement and everyday action as part of a company is a great one!

-Mathew, Marketing Assistant at Xenium HR