August 2, 2013

4 Articles About Leadership You Can’t Miss

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There are countless leadership styles and techniques out there and everyone has reason for which works best for them. Varying factors play into leadership styles, including your organization, the environment and culture of your office, the type of team you have, and more. And as your department grows and changes, so does your leadership.

We’ve found some great resources that can help you become a better leader, whether it’s in your current role or one you are working toward. Check them out and let us know if you have any others you’d like to share.

5 Leadership Secrets Of Collaboration Success
To lead a successful team, it’s important to all work together. In this article, Meghan M. Biro discusses the importance of working together to avoid your office environment ending up looking like what we often see in Washington, D.C.

Why Productive Teams Have 3 Kinds Of Diversity
We often hear the “diversity” buzz word flying around, whether it’s in the office or when discussing college admissions, but there are some elements to it that you may not think about when looking at your individual teams. Drake Baer explains three types and how they can help improve your work.

How Gen Y is Shifting the Get-Stuff-Done Culture
Each generation has its own unique qualities, and now that Gen Yers are part of the workforce, it’s interesting to see the shift in styles. David Hassell explains three stereotypes of Gen Y, why they’re good for your company, and how leaders can leverage Gen Yers talents effectively.

What Do Apple and Singapore Airlines Have in Common? Quantum Strategy
You don’t often hear about Apple and Singapore Airlines in the same setting, but Loizos Heracleous explains how they both use similar styles and how you can implement some of these same strategies in your company.

What other articles have you read about leadership that have helped you?

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