January 30, 2012

Top Corporate Culture Resources from Last Week

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If you didn’t keep tabs on all the company culture articles that were shared across the web last night, you are in luck. We have compiled a list of what we consider to be the most creative, informative, and valuable posts. Enjoy!

Top Picks

How Any Company Can Think Like A Startup
When a company grows in size, so do the concerns of staying creative. This article goes over the three main ways a startup-company-mindset can increase your fresh ideas and generate powerful results.

Comparison of 100 Top Companies on Social Business and Corporate Culture
Jay Baer answers the important question: “Does Being a Good Place to Work Impact Social Business?”

Google ranks No. 1 on Fortune’s ‘Great Places to Work’ list
This post explains explained what traits help pushed Google to the top of this list and what characteristic they share with SAS and Wegmans Food Market, ranked 3 and 4 respectively, as well as the PR benefits that come with topping the Great Places to Work list.

Social Media

Company Culture and Social Media
Matt Charney gives his tips on how to turn your social media recruiting and retaining campaign into a success.


Attention On-Boarders: Teach Culture
Here you’ll find the 10 rules that will help your new hires quickly become aficionados of your company culture.


Defining a Company Culture – What do you believe in?
This story helps you find out why it’s important that the company, management, and employees all contribute to the overall culture.

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