January 6, 2011

CLEARLINK Invites Public to Help Set a New World Record in Utah

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CLEARLINK will host the first-ever world record attempt for the most snowmen built sixty minutes on Jan. 15th at Mountain Dell Golf Course, Salt Lake City.

CLEARLINK is inviting its 400+ employees, friends, family, local businesses and schools to set a new world record in Utah. The Guinness World Records will review the attempt to build the most snowmen in one hour. The event will take place 12-2 PM Saturday, January 15th at the Mountain Dell Golf Course.

Although the record has never been attempted, a minimum of 1000 4-foot snowmen must be erected within the sixty-minute deadline to be considered a world record. In addition to the height requirement, each snowman must don a carrot nose and eyes, Oreo cookies, all of which will be provided by CLEARLINK.

CLEARLINK recently linked the event with Salt Lake-based non-profit organization Youth Making a Difference (YMAD), pledging a $2 donation per snowman.

YMAD aims to develop responsible leaders by providing yearlong leadership-training programs to Utah teens. The program offers participants access to a variety of educators and mentors as well as involvement in a two-week humanitarian expedition in a developing country.

“It’s exciting enough to invite 600+ people to build snowmen and attempt to set a world record, but we wanted to tie the event to something greater and felt that YMAD was the perfect organization for that,” said CLEARLINK brand manager Celeste Chaney, who also coordinated the event.

To ensure maximum attendance among employees, CLEARLINK plans on temporarily closing its call center doors Saturday afternoon and providing buses for 70+ employees scheduled to work during the event.

“True to CLEARLINK’s high-spirited and competitive nature, several teams of employee ‘builders’ have already started developing an overall building strategy for their team. They’re getting pretty creative, it will be fun to watch what happens,” Chaney said.

The event is open to the public and, if successful, will be one of only a few Guinness world records established in Utah.

Lunch will be available for purchase (cash only), music and hot chocolate will be provided.

Attendees are encouraged to RSVP via the Facebook page created for the event.

About Youth Making a Difference
Youth Making a Difference aims to provide leadership training and practical experiences that make a difference in the world, transforming the lives of program participants and those they serve.

YMAD is a yearlong leadership-training program for teenagers.

YMAD builds responsible leaders by providing teens the opportunity to make a difference personally, locally, and globally through mentorships, meetings and humanitarian efforts. These experiences create a life-changing perspective and prepare adolescents to lead meaningful adult lives that add value to the world.

For more information about the organization, visit http://www.ymad.org or contact Eden Cowart at eden@ymad.org.

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