March 14, 2011

CLEARLINK takes home the Corporate Cup at Salt Lake County’s annual Winter Corporate Games.

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Each winter Salt Lake County provides companies of all sizes an opportunity to compete for the coveted Corporate Cup by fielding employee teams who compete in over 30 different events. Events include everything from ping pong and bowling to basketball and dodgeball. CLEARLINK walked away with the cup after taking home five gold medals, three silver medals, and one bronze, in addition to participating in bonus events like family ice skating and snow sculpting.

“We support the Corporate Games because it’s an opportunity for our employees to be physically active and build stronger relationships with each other outside the office. Wellness and healthy relationships are two of our top values,” said Mauri Love, Chief Culture Officer.

Events are held every day for two weeks as companies compete in divisions based on the size of their employee base.

“We were happy to see how much our employees enjoyed the corporate games and how proud they were to bring home the cup for CLEARLINK. We’ve even got employees forming teams so they can practice up for the summer games,” Marc Hansen, CL Culture Ninja said.

Participating in the corporate games is just one of the programs CLEARLINK offers to motivate employee health and promote team building. The company also offers an annual fitness competition, 100% healthcare coverage, re-usable water bottles for employees, monthly on-site meetings with personal health coaches, and a 360 Fit program that includes regular health challenges and classes.

First Place Second Place Third Place
Basketball Scrabble Volleyball
Bowling – Men’s Table Tennis Team #2
Dodgeball Triathlon
Table Tennis Team #1

About the Corporate Games.
The Corporate Games are designed to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the Salt Lake Valley. Salt Lake County is committed to carrying on long standing traditions to:

  • Promote wellness and encourage employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Boost morale, build teamwork, and company pride among employees.
  • Make it fun!

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