December 27, 2011

CLEARLINKers Help Santa Give Presents to Families in Need

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For the 2011 Christmas season, we continued the tradition of giving by holding our 2nd annual Sub 4 Santa program. This program made it convenient for our employees to donate items, time, and money to less fortunate families that work for CLEARLINK. Whatever funds where needed to complete the list of necessary items for the families, we happily donated the remaining balance.

Here is how we conducted the 4-part volunteer-based program:

1. A moth prior to Christmas, an e-mail with an attached survey was sent out to every employee. The e-mail asked if an individuals’ immediate or extended family was struggling during this difficult holiday season to list the severity of their families needs in the survey in order  to be considered for assistance. Later,  a panel reviewed the surveys and picked four families who where in need of the most amount of aid. After, the families had been selected, we asked them to submit a list of items which they wanted for Christmas.

2. CLEARLINKers then volunteered their time by walking around the office and asking for cash donations from other workers for a week-long period. We also gave our employees an alternative option to have money deducted from their paychecks and put towards the donation collection. On top of the cash collection, we also accepted donations of much needed items, such as clothes, shoes/boots, toys, books, and food.

3. After, the the week-long donation collection was competed. Another separate group of CLEARLINKers went shopping and used the donated funds to purchase any remaining items left on the families’ wish list.

4. The same volunteers who went shopping completed the program by wrapping the presents and hand delivering them to the families in need.

Besides the cash donations we received from the office collection and paycheck deduction, CLEARLINK’s PHINT (Phone and Internet) Sales Team donated a percentage of a day’s commission, totaling $1,000 dollars.

This program was a huge success thanks to our charitable CLEARLINKers, who raised over $2,500. We are extremely grateful for how much time and energy the CLEARLINK family contributed to this program.


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