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New Year, New You: Your 2018 Strategy Recap

The year is coming to a close, and that means it’s time for a much-needed evaluation of yearly strategies, quarterly outcome reviews, and the creation of new goals for 2019. That said, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s important as you assess metrics and end results.

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To maintain perspective, keep in mind the following truths and myths:

  • Truth: Not all of your strategies worked the way you thought they would.
  • Truth: But some of those strategies might still work.
  • Myth: A new set of strategies will provide unobstructed success next year.
  • Truth: You might need some additional insight from industry experts to help finesse your existing strategies.
Truth: Not all of your strategies worked the way you thought they would, but some of those strategies might still work. Myth: A new set of strategies will provide unobstructed success next year.

Instead of ditching last year’s strategies wholesale in favor of new ones, assess your existing strategy effectiveness, conduct some A/B testing, and give our thought leadership publications a once-over for inspiration and a brief 2018 strategy recap.

Intelligent Customer Experience

Creating intelligent customer experiences is the key to meeting new performance goals and driving business. Our customer experience experts have shared their thoughts on what you need to know about Intelligent CX.

  1. Defining & Refining the Intelligent Customer Experience
  2. Using AI to Create Intelligent Customer Experiences
  3. Winning Over Customers Moment by Moment with Intelligent CX
  4. Intelligent CX Is the Price of Admission
  5. Using AI to Predict Needs and Deliver a Fluid CX

Data Science

At each stage of the customer journey, data reinforces and informs marketing, sales, and support strategies to help you better understand your customers. Here’s what Clearlink’s data scientists have to say about how data science can help boost your bottom line.

  1. Four Things Executives Should Know about AI and Data Science
  2. How Data Science Can Improve Business Efficiency
  3. How Clearlink Built a Data Science Presence in Its Marketing Department
  4. Three Ways Decision Science Facilitates Better Customer Experience
  5. Moving Your Decision Science Team from Reactive to Proactive


Whether you’re looking to make a change in your career or adapt to growing trends, let our leadership articles be your guide.

  1. Strategy and Execution: Bridge the Gap Between These Two Key Roles
  2. Why Design Thinking Should Also Serve As a Leadership Philosophy
  3. 4 Steps to Building a Virtual Insurance Sales Team
  4. Five Things Fortune 500 Companies Want Right Now
  5. Build or Buy: Finding the Right Data Science Software for Your Organization

Today’s approach to the customer journey requires you to view your strategy through the lens of an eternal student. We all have something to learn—from each other and ourselves. At Clearlink, we’re committed to sharing best practices with the world.  To learn more about what Clearlink has to offer, check out our various solutions pages and the Clearlink blog.

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