Aligning Our CLEAR Values and Our I&D Commitments – Value #4: Act Like an Owner

The next CLEAR value in our series on the intersection of our company values and our Inclusion and Diversity commitments is Act Like an Owner. Our people always answer the call to Act Like an Owner, but it may have never been as apparent as the response in support of I&D. People from every corner of the company stepped up to ensure that Clearlink is a place where everyone feels safe, welcome, and comfortable being their true selves. And because so much of our I&D efforts are being driven by people from all different levels of the company, it has really become a community, grassroots effort that represents the viewpoints of a diverse group of people. 

One of the most impressive efforts driven by our people has been the library of resources that was put together following the killing of George Floyd. People were both upset and determined to double-down on their commitment to fight racial injustices and grow as individuals in their understanding of systemic oppression. With the effort starting in the Inclusion and Diversity Slack channel, hundreds of our people began gathering and sharing articles, videos, books, learning guides, and more. As the resources were being shared via Slack, the I&D team compiled all the resources and make them sharable for anyone going forward. This list of resources was subsequently shared with every leader in the organization, sparking vital discussions and learnings. In all, 200+ articles, videos, guides, and other resources were shared organically by Clearlink employees.

Perhaps the best example of our people Acting Like Owners is the creation of an Anti-Racist workgroup. After seeing the energy in the I&D Slack channel, an employee proposed an intentional reading group, centered on Dr. Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist. This group grew organically and without institutional planning – thanks to employees Acting Like Owners. 

One of the best examples of people acting like owners is the ways in which they have been holding themselves and each other responsible. Recognizing early on that there is a human tendency to lose focus on something after a period of time when it is not as much in the national spotlight, our people began pairing up in groups and asking others to hold them accountable for continuing their education and development in regard to inclusion. Whether taking on a long-term curriculum, a series exploring historical context and events, or a video or podcast playlist, it has been inspiring to see so many people take their pledges seriously and putting measures in place to be true to their commitments. 

When our people decide to Act Like an Owner, both they as individuals and we as an organization becomes better and stronger. And when it is in something as important as Inclusion and Diversity, these efforts ensure Clearlink will be an even better place for our people that aren’t our people right now.         


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