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5 Benefits of Focusing on Customer Care Content

As a marketing leader, your focus has likely been how to raise brand/product awareness, how to get new leads, and how to transition those leads into customers. But do you ever consider what happens to your hard-earned customers after you land the sale? You probably assume your marketing sold them so much that they go on to be happy, lifetime consumers, right? Not necessarily.

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In 2012,  Kissmetrics reported that “71% of consumers have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer service.” In today’s competitive marketplace, your customers have high expectations for support service and are offered more opportunities than ever to shift their business to one of your competitors.

I know what you’re thinking: “Customer service needs to get their act together and focus on maintaining my customers!”

When it comes to customer retention, however, there are many things you can do as a marketing leader to ensure your customers are having a positive support experience.

A Shift to Customer Care Content

There may not be not much you as a marketer can do to change how support agents chat with your clients or how long a customer waits on the phone to talk to a real person. But there is one place you can start to focus on immediately: customer care content.

When you make customer care content a priority, the whole company benefits.

Customer care content is found in the FAQ pages, support portals, and help centers of your website. It’s the YouTube walkthroughs that few people watch, the instructions that are a bit too lengthy, and the pages that drive your customers in circles looking for answers.

Luckily, customer care content doesn’t have to be that way. It can—and should—be easy step-by-step guides, simplified tutorials, and helpful answers to your customer’s most pressing and common questions. In short, this is the low-hanging fruit where you can keep your customers happy through better user experience, page optimization, and consolidation of content.

What to Expect When You Focus on Customer Care Content

When you shift your focus to customer care content, you will naturally create a self-service model that allows your customers to get the help they need without having to pick up the phone or deal with poor customer service. By doing so, you can expect these five benefits for your company.

1. Reduced Costs

By creating valuable customer care content, you have the opportunity to reduce phone calls to support center agents. If your average cost-per-call is $18 and you traditionally receive 2,000 calls within a 24-hour period, a mere 5% reduction in calls results in a savings of $1,800 per day.

2. Uptick in New Sales

According to research done by the Temkin Group, “customers that have a great experience with companies are nine times more likely to recommend them.” And today’s consumers often research your FAQs and customer support content before making an initial purchase. By optimizing your help content, you encourage an uptick in referrals and new sales.

3. Growth in Cross-Promotion Sales

The Temkin Group also reports that “customers that have a great experience with companies are … seven times more likely to forgive [your] mistakes, to  buy from [you] again, and to try new offerings.” This means more opportunities to cross-promote and sell additional products.

4. Improved Products, Services, or Processes

When you focus on and optimize customer care content, you are also given a unique insight into how your existing products could be improved, what additional services your customer may need, and where your processes can be improved. Each of these can lead to increased retention, process efficiencies, and new service or product developments.

5. Increased Customer Retention

HelpScout reports that it can take up to twelve positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. And we already know that negative experiences can lead to higher customer turnover. By optimizing your customer care content for the best self-serve experiences possible, you increase the lifetime value and retention rates of your hard-earned customers.

Focusing on Customer Care Content

When you make customer care content a priority, the whole company benefits. Whether it’s happier customers referring your brand to friends, increased sales, or reduced costs, a focus on optimized customer care content can transform your customers’ experiences and the way you look at marketing.

If you’re ready to take your customer content to the next step, learn more about our approach to intelligent customer experiencesReach out to the Clearlink customer care content team to discover how your customer support content can improved.

Taylor Proctor

Taylor Proctor enjoys creating content that connects and communicates to make a difference in the world. As the director of customer care content at Clearlink, she thrives on working with her team to simplify complex problems and present solutions via customer support content. She also enjoys producing a daily podcast called Happiness Abound about her favorite topic, happiness.


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