Diversity in Sourcing

Here at Clearlink, we believe that inclusion and diversity make our people happier and our business healthier. We do everything we can to make sure that everyone here can always be their true selves and find a genuine sense of belonging. But to really achieve our vision for I&D at Clearlink, we recognize that we need to take action before an employee actually becomes an employee

What does that mean? It means that I&D needs to be a part of the very first stage of the employee lifecycle, the very first part of the candidate lifecycle: sourcing. After all, your workforce simply can’t become more diverse if you are not getting a diversity of people applying for your open roles. Getting proactive about recruiting a diverse base of candidates is paramount to active inclusion and helping I&D efforts to reach their full potential. 

Our recruiting team has implemented numerous strategies to ensure we are getting to the right people and starting our employee lifecycle off in an equitable manner. In short, we build relationships with places that diverse candidates frequent and trust, we meticulously examine our processes with an eye for inclusion, and we build trust with potential candidates by letting them know precisely how we make I&D a continual focus across the entire organization. 

We have relationships with numerous groups that focus on too often underrepresented segments. Some of those groups include Door of Clubs(which includes LGTBQ+, PoC, women’s, and veteran groups from local universities), the Black Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S. National Labor Exchange for veterans. The bottom line is, if you do what you’ve always done (and look where you’ve always looked) for candidates, you’ll get the same candidates you’ve always had. We are always consciously aware of our sourcing goals and intentional with our actions when finding and joining additional networks. 

We use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that allows candidates to notify us of their preferred pronouns. That same ATS allows us to track the gender and race of all of our candidates, so we can analyze our candidate pools. We take that data (scrubbed of personal identifiers) and identify patterns and benchmarks, then revisit regularly to ensure we are hitting KPIs and report findings to leadership to maintain awareness and buy-in. We also use Textio software to check our job postings against millions of others and ensure the structure and language being used is inclusive for all people.

Finally, we show these candidates that we believe in the importance of I&D by our actions. We talk about things like how we’ve not only signed the Parity Pledge, we’ve gone a step further. While the Parity Pledge asks companies to interview at least one qualified woman candidate for any open role, VP and above, we’ve committed to interviewing at least one woman for every role from the director-level and up. We talk about the diversity and implicit bias training all of our executives have completed. We talk about the relationships we have in the community, such as being a board member of the Women Tech Council and a Corporate Partner of Equality Utah. We talk about these things, and much more, to let people know that we not only talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk, we invite everyone to walk with us.

The first step to empowering I&D efforts is starting at the start, well actually, before the start, and that is exactly what we are doing here at Clearlink.   

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