Find Your Perfect Energy Marketing Agency Partner with This Ultimate Checklist

For many businesses, there comes a time when traditional marketing is no longer an ideal solution. Whether it’s due to available resources or time, energy leaders looking to take their business to the next level often turn to the expertise of a performance energy marketing agency.

Unlike in-house marketing or a traditional agency model, a performance marketing model encompasses both sales and marketing solutions to drive incremental growth. Performance marketers get paid only for customers they acquire for you—meaning you’re not spending money on marketing efforts that may or may not result in measurable leads. The model is low risk and gives you insight into exactly what methods work for gaining customers. Because these marketers are not in-house, finding the right performance marketing agency is imperative.

Digital marketing in the electric, oil, and gas industries is tricky, so how do you know what performance marketing agency best fits your needs?

Checklist for Picking a Performance Energy Marketing Agency

You know what you want in a marketing partner—an agency with transparent business practices that honors your brand perception and gets results—but it can still be difficult to determine which companies can do this for you effectively.

As you search for an energy marketing agency to partner with, make sure it checks the boxes of these five must-haves.

1. A Wide Range of Connected Services

If you’re outsourcing your marketing, you want your partner to reduce your workload and save you time and money by providing comprehensive services to cover all of your needs. Have in mind the marketing services you need, from content creation to SEO, and look for a performance agency that can offer everything your brand requires.

Beyond traditional services, consider an energy agency that can connect all the stages of the customer experience—from first touchpoint to final sale. When you find a partner that can fuel your sales and marketing efforts across all stages of the journey, it can help you create a more intelligent customer experience to bolster profits and brand reputation.

Agencies with call center marketing abilities can further save you time and resources, as they have the ability to connect with prospects, offer support to current customers, and promote new services and special offers.

2. Transparent Business Practices

Since the performance pricing model means you pay only when an agency acquires a new customer, you must establish clear guidelines and be given full access to how a potential partner will acquire those customers. A performance agency that’s more committed to its bottom line than your brand’s reputation may be hiding shady tactics behind assertions of protecting “proprietary information.”

And because marketing can eat up a hefty chunk of your budget, you want to ensure the agency you’re working with is transparent about the services it can provide and how it will accomplish the promised results. Successful marketing partnerships require full transparency into how your money is spent and why. Reputable energy marketing companies should offer a comprehensive breakdown of their fees and provide options based on your budget and goals.  

3. A Commitment to Building Positive Brand Perception

In many cases, performance marketing companies act as the brand—in the eyes of the customer, they are the brand. In this case, working with an agency that cares about your reputation is essential. When an ill-timed tweet can crush businesses and black hat SEO techniques can destroy a website’s Google ranking, building and maintaining a positive brand image is crucial for business growth.

Look for a performance marketing agency that is as committed to building positive brand perception as you are.

If you haven’t prioritized finding a company with transparent business practices, the desire to close the sale at any cost can lead unscrupulous third-party partners to make inaccurate claims about savings, total costs, or warranties. By the time your customer realizes they’ve been duped, the agency has already been paid its bounty, leaving the fallout from this poor experience—including any complaints or fines levied by the Public Utility Commission—on your doorstep.

Look for a performance marketing agency that is committed to building positive brand perception. These agencies can coordinate multiple strategies that always align with your brand while promoting a message that speaks to customers. This means their services are less about casting a wide net and seeing what sticks and more about targeting consumers who best fit your customer profile. The more consistent your messaging, the more likely prospects and customers are to recognize, remember, and rely on your brand.

4. Demonstrated Expertise with Case Studies and Testimonials

The best marketing agencies offer insight into the strategies they use and the reasoning behind them, with data and examples to prove their success. Look for an energy agency with case studies that illustrate the in-depth tactics it has used successfully—with concrete examples of how you can benefit from its services. Review these case studies to see how it approaches and solves problems. Effective case studies will demonstrate an agency’s ability to tell a story, do research, and use data for proven results.

As a bonus, if a potential marketing partner has case studies of its own work, it could likely provide this service for you as well. Customer-facing case studies help prospects see concrete examples of how they can benefit from your services. While social media platforms may drive prospects to your website, case studies and customer testimonials help seal the deal. Today’s consumers are more likely to trust what other customers say over experts, so you want to have an ever-growing collection of feedback at the ready.

5. A Track Record of Success in the Energy Space

There are countless marketing agencies you can partner with, but not all of them will have a track record of success in your industry. Success rates for various marketing strategies differ by industry, and what may work for clothing brands or restaurants may not work for energy companies.

Different industries require different skills, so make sure your agency can handle the intricacies of the energy industry.

Beyond identifying services offered, review a performance agency’s clientele and ask about its knowledge of the energy industry. The more informed it is about the latest trends and industry regulations, the better it can craft content and develop techniques that touch on energy customers’ wants and needs. Such an agency will also have a better idea of what your company requires in terms of marketing for continued growth based on your specific goals.

The Benefits of a Transparent Energy Marketing Agency

Finding and partnering with a transparent performance marketing agency can help your energy company get better results and improve brand perception. As the deregulated energy space gets more crowded, a partner with your brand’s reputation in mind can help your company differentiate itself from the sea of other energy companies and continue building a brand consumers trust. Multiple retail energy providers trust Clearlink’s unique approach to performance marketing to create exceptional customer experiences for their brands. 

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For Hilary, marketing has always been the engine to drive meaningful customer relationships. Her expertise in the energy industry helps deliver those for Clearlink’s energy clients. Prior to joining Clearlink, Hilary has delivered full-funnel customer experiences to increase brand awareness and build customer advocates with companies like Mercedes-Benz, Adobe, Solera, and Franklin Covey. Hilary is an avid runner, reader, and mother.


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