How Our Values Align with Our I&D Commitments – Value #1: Create Community

Our first company value at Clearlink is Create Community. What does that really mean when it comes to inclusion and diversity? It boils down to how the people that come together to make up our company foster connection with each other and help everyone find belonging and support. 

One of the ways we create community is by connecting with our community outside of just Clearlink. Through partnerships with organizations like the Utah Black Chamber of Commerce and the Utah Pride Center, we bring resources and speakers that empower employees at all different steps of their inclusion journey to learn, grow, and progress. And because these opportunities are live and tailored to Clearlink, they skip past the surface level. Instead, we can connect more authentically and open up to new perspectives and experiences, becoming strong allies with intentional inclusivity to drive real change in our teams and throughout all departments. 

As we adjust to the new reality brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve worked to keep our sense of community strong, even when we’re no longer physically together. One way we’ve done that is by reaching our people through Slack, an internal communication platform that helps individuals and groups collaborate and share. There are many great channels that help bring people together, but one of the best is the inclusion and diversity channel. Featuring over 200 members, this channel is a space for open and honest discussion, a chance to listen and learn where you can find a huge number of diverse and illuminating resources, and an opportunity to engage with the grassroots changes in our culture. This channel has played a major role in deciding where donations can be best utilized, and often finds and compiles in-depth resources that serve to further our I&D mission.

Another way that this value empowers our I&D focus is through our leaders and transparency in our processes. Each department holds monthly all-hands meetings, in addition to a company-wide town hall, where all employees are welcome to ask questions or give comments, anonymously if they so wish. This open access to all leaders means that everyone has an opportunity to bring their ideas and questions about inclusion and diversity, or anything else, directly to the executive team. This dynamic means all employees, regardless of title, are able to drive the conversation around the topics they are most passionate about. 

And finally, and most importantly, we all create community by constantly showing up for each other. We show up in ways both big and small, each and every day. From reaching out to a fellow team member that you know is dealing with some stress in their personal life, to examining processes with the question of equity, to helping someone you’ve never actually met with a problem they are dealing with, our community grows stronger every time we show that we care, both personally and professionally, about our colleagues and friends.    


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