Keeping Our Culture Strong During COVID

Here at Clearlink, we’re proud of the culture we’ve built, driven by people that are passionate about the work they do and the people they do it alongside. As COVID fundamentally changed the way that we do our jobs and the way we interact as team members, we’ve worked hard to maintain our sense of community and ensure that our people are supported in ways we’d never known would matter. 

A silver lining in leaving the physical workplace has been the rise of our digital community, primarily on Slack. We’ve been using Slack for a number of years now, but it wasn’t until making the move to work-from-home that the community aspect of Slack really started thriving. When it comes to productivity, collaboration on Slack has gone through the roof. Team and department leaders are constantly sharing updates about both their specific piece of the business and the bigger picture. Every day, Clearlinkers are giving thanks and recognizing fellow employees that are producing great work and going above and beyond in supporting the colleagues. Slack empowers our people to connect outside of our immediate teams and to share our personalities and gif game. 

As our homes turn into our offices, the line between personal time and work time can get a little blurred. To help alleviate the natural burnout this creates, we’ve taken a two-pronged approach; providing unique experiences and making sure our people have the time away from work they need to clear their minds and unwind. 

  • Some of the engaging experiences we’ve facilitated include:
    • Creating a baking competition based on The Great British Bakeoff that spanned several weeks and got everyone involved, not just those that did the baking. Weekly themes included bread, cookies, pies, cakes, winter treats, and savory dishes, and the winners took home excellent cookbooks to help them further hone their expertise.
    • Costume and digital backdrop competitions that generated a lot of laughs and revealed which Clearlinkers had been binging Tiger King.
    • Sending birdhouse kits for both working parents and the young at heart to help them make some new feathered friends.
    • Digital social/happy hours, lunches, book clubs, trivia nights, art/creative contests, and more to help stay connected to the friends we already have and give us a chance to make some new friends 
  • To help with mental health and the new stresses of work/life balance in the remote setting, we’ve taken the following actions:
    • Redesigning our paid time off policy across the organization This resulted in the vast majority of our people getting an extra 6-8 days off annually! 
    • We introduced half-day Fridays for every division not bound to hourly coverage restrictions, lengthening the weekend so our people can relax and recharge. 
    • We’ve made an organizational push, championed by our President, obligating managers to be as flexible as possible as people deal with the new realities and complications this pandemic has created, especially for those juggling parental responsibilities and work duties.

And finally, as leaders observed and got feedback that many employees were working from the kitchen table, a dresser, or the couch, they decided to help Clearlinkers create a truly supportive workspace, even at home. Leadership rolled out a $250 desk stipend, and our IT and Facilities teams have been hard at work personally delivering chairs, monitors, and equipment to employees at home so Clearlinkers can put together a space that fits their needs. 

While supporting our culture looks a bit different than it has in the past, Clearlink’s commitment is as strong as ever.


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