Learning and Development Never Stop: How Clearlink Adjusted our L&D Approach After COVID-19

Clearlink has always been dedicated to helping our people learn and grow. We know that providing opportunities to deepen skill sets or learn completely new ones makes our employees happy and helps our company stay innovative. When we shifted to a work-from-home workforce in the wake of COVID-19, we knew that there would be challenges, but we remained dedicated to empowering our people with resources to grow.

Our Learning and Development team, which is committed to facilitating continuous learning for all Clearlinkers, set out to evolve our approach to learning opportunities for the remote environment. 

The first thing the L&D team did was open up communication, not only from leaders, but from all employees. The team invited feedback through surveys, focus groups, event follow-ups, and ad-hoc requests, enabling immediate input as our people faced the new work environment and natural evolution as employee needs and workflows shifted. 

Understanding that managers would need extra support to lead effectively in a suddenly remote environment, the L&D Team launched a remote leadership training course. This five-week course brought together leaders from all corners of the organization to lend tips and tricks, strategies they were learning in real-time, and share honestly about roadblocks and challenges. This training helped to better support leaders to more effectively serve their teams and ensure all employees have an excellent experience and are more likely to thrive in this new environment. 

The L&D team also recognized that starting a new job in the COVID-19 context presented new challenges, so they launched an onboarding mentorship program for new hires. This program pairs our new Clearlinkers with experienced “Peerlinkers” — someone on their team to serve as a resource besides the direct manager. This connection is someone that they can always turn to with whatever questions may come to mind. The mentor and new hire meet consistently and even have lunch on Clearlink thanks to Uber Eats. 

Finally, the L&D team launched a Learn and Grow Slack channel. In this channel, the team shares internal and external resources that contribute to helping our people grow both personally and professionally. The channel also provides an organic space for dialogue with leaders across the company. Bringing varied titles, insights, and expertise, this channel cultivates a strong diversity of thought and perspective. Plus, it provides another way for employees to both find out what the L&D team is rolling out next, and empowers a direct channel to ask questions and give feedback for continuous improvement. 

Learn and Grow is one of our company values because it has long been a commitment at Clearlink. While it might not look like it used to, the L&D team is committed to ensuring that all employees are encouraged and empowered to never stop their learning journey. 


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