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Top 9 Strategies for Energy Providers to Win Over People in the Process of Moving

There are many reasons a person might move—starting a new job, accommodating a growing family, or finding a better deal. But there are also major pain points that spring up during a move. Shutting off old utilities and setting up new ones can be especially frustrating and time-consuming. Modern energy companies in deregulated markets are finding new business by targeting and solving specific pain points experienced by people in the process of moving.

What used to be an unpleasant process is transformed into an effortless, easy, and intelligent customer experience.

Energy companies can become the preferred choice of consumers new to their service area by following these nine strategies to win movers.

Infographic outlining nine strategies for utility providers to appeal to people who are moving.

Make Moving a Little Less Stressful

Clearlink is an energy marketing agency that can help utilities identify consumers in the process of moving. By targeting customers sooner, Clearlink helps solve common pain points that come with moving, fostering stronger relationships between people and their power providers. Combining deep data with expert marketing professionals, Clearlink elevates the customer experience—driving traffic, growing incremental sales, and promoting positive brand perception. Clearlink makes sure that when customers choose an energy provider, they choose the right one.

Increase demand for your energy brand

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Jason Kol

Jason joined Clearlink’s partner strategy team in 2016 and currently oversees the home services partner strategy team, driving results for our partners in the energy industry. Prior to joining Clearlink, Jason spent 18 years in franchising and held various roles, including executive vice president of information technology and, most recently, executive vice president of sales and marketing. In his free time, you’ll find Jason on his mountain bike enjoying Utah’s great outdoors. 


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