It’s in the Bag: Increasing Organic
Traffic and Revenue for Kate Spade

Portent, a Clearlink digital agency, contributes to 30% YOY revenue increase for Kate Spade

For almost 25 years, Kate Spade has been a premier designer and manufacturer of women’s fashion accessories. The brand is based in New York with 140 retail shops across the United States and 170 more internationally. With its partner brands Jack Spade and Saturday, Kate Spade is a highly sought-after aspirational brand. Kate Spade is also an online force, generating hundreds of millions in online revenue every year and a domain authority of 79.

To further capitalize on its brand recognition, Kate Spade hired Portent, a Clearlink digital agency, to increase organic traffic and drive additional sales online.

The Problem

Kate Spade contracted Portent’s integrated marketing agency services with the goal of increased sales through organic traffic growth. Kate Spade was already driving significant revenue from organic search but sensed that they were still underperforming relative to potential. They were also getting ready for a massive technical site migration. The company wanted to make sure that the migration went smoothly for SEO and that they seized the opportunity to improve their overall technical SEO from infrastructure to customer-facing content.

To further capitalize on its brand recognition, Kate Spade hired Portent, a Clearlink digital agency, to increase organic traffic and drive additional sales online.

The Methodology

In order to achieve Kate Spade’s goal of increased sales and organic traffic, Portent’s SEO team focused on increasing site visits—specifically targeting new visitors.

To start, the team performed extensive keyword research to determine which non-branded keywords rank highest and had the most potential to drive traffic to the site. With that insight, the team made specific recommendations for improving SEO rankings. In addition, the team completed a comparative analysis of Kate Spade’s major competitors in the e-commerce space to more efficiently focus on and capture competitive keywords.

After completing a technical analysis and implementing an optimization strategy—which included identifying “infinite loops” of duplicate pages—the team was able to streamline and optimize content across the site. The team also updated title tags and meta descriptions to reflect seasonality and relevance and consulted on category description copy. Together, these adjustments and suggestions helped increase organic traffic and revenue for the company.


The Results

Portent’s analysis and implementation of a thoughtful optimization strategy led to major wins for Kate Spade. In one year, online revenue skyrocketed, which included a 9% jump in revenue specifically attributed to non-paid search traffic. Unique visitors from organic search increased 22% and overall revenue increased 30% year over year.

  • 30% overall revenue increase YOY
  • 9% revenue increase from non-paid search traffic
  • 22% more unique visitors from organic search

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