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Vivint’s Moving Target: Advanced Customer Profiling Boosts Sales 60%

Clearlink’s advanced customer insight capability makes it Vivint’s biggest online home automation retailer.

Home security and automation sales are heavily dependent on consumer life stages. People moving into a new home is one of the most sought after groups, yet many off-the-shelf lead lists are of people who have already moved. Clearlink’s advanced targeting knowledge and ability to tie online behavior to offline sales helped us identify movers before they relocated, putting Vivint at top of mind in this “holy grail” of consumer groups. This innovative pairing of paid search and expert sales teams led to average YOY growth of 60% and made Clearlink the biggest online partner for Vivint.

The Problem

Vivint, a leading home automation company, was looking for ways to boost sales while elevating their brand from the competition. Vivint has a compelling product offering, but in 2012 was relatively new to the industry. They needed a powerful combination of sales and marketing to establish their position as a market leader, all while delivering a great ROI on their marketing spend.

From Account Management to Sales, Clearlink’s collaboration and insights have helped Vivint maintain aggressive growth each year, leading to record results in 2018. We would highly recommend Clearlink to other brands seeking aggressive and consistent growth opportunities.

The Methodology

Moving is one of the life events that prompts people to buy home automation, making “new movers*” a prime demographic for Vivint and Clearlink. New movers spend $8,700 on average in the thirty days before and after moving and are the “holy grail” of consumer groups in the home automation/security industry. Clearlink used its advanced targeting and behavior analysis capabilities to identify these customers earlier, giving Vivint the advantage in capturing long-term high value customers and building early brand awareness.


Clearlink’s expertise in connecting the paid search and offline sales experience was an ideal match for Vivint’s goals. Clearlink and Vivint outlined the strategy, messaging, and offerings collaboratively, while Clearlink’s paid search team optimized keyword targets, landing pages, and used our proprietary bidding algorithm to ensure the best ad placement. Clearlink’s sales experts were trained in Vivint’s offerings and product features to give customers a consistent brand experience with both sides being connected by the Clearlink data science team.


Data science was a crucial component to the success of the partnership, as it used predictive analytics to identify the customer behavior indicative of a likely new mover before that person appeared on an off-the-shelf customer list. Once that customer was identified, they were routed to a sales agent who was not only familiar with the products they were looking at online, but often were from the same geographic region to help in establishing an immediate rapport. These subtle, familiarizing, moves add up to a better experience, an experience that makes gaining a customer more likely.


As a foundational element of intelligent CX, feedback loops help refine the process each time, which has led to a 241% increase in Clearlink’s click volume, while CPC has sustained the same average CPC.


The Results

Vivint has successfully become a leading home automation company in the United States, reaching an estimated enterprise valuation of 3 billion dollars. Clearlink is VIvint’s premier online partner with an average of 60% YOY growth from 2013-2017.

  • Average year-over-year growth 2013-2017: 60%
  • Click volume increase 2013-2017: 241%
  • Average CPC 2013-2017: +2%

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