Next generation lead generation.

Advanced Lead Management System
Lead-Source Administration
Lead Purchasing Optimization
Lead Scoring
Customized Solutions
With over 15 years of experience, we know what makes a good lead. Our system scrubs, filters, scores, verifies, and qualifies each lead with advanced algorithms in near real time, immediately notifying you by email, CRM posting, or SMS text.
Put our experience to work for you. Our dedicated media team manages all your lead sources and campaigns across all channels and vendors. We specialize in these relationships, so no matter how many sources your leads come from, they are the highest quality at the best price.
Because LeadAmp is impartial when it comes to the partners our clients purchase leads from, we are 100% focused on finding the best leads for you. Our scoring system lets us analyze prospects from every provider, giving you a quality ranking before you ever purchase them.
From finding leads that match your ideal customer to aggregating ones with the highest lifetime value potential, our scoring services include full analysis of your lead and policy data and a customized evaluation model of each.
We take a proactive, individualized approach to solutions and will always look to find easier, faster, and more efficient ways to increase your ROI. Design, reporting, business policies, third-party integration, anything to make our system your system.

The Leading Factor In Greater ROI.

Patented Technology, Proven Results

We are masters in the science of lead purchasing. We use patented technology and comprehensive data to further boost our expertise. Each lead is qualified and scored on multiple factors, eliminating all but the best prospects before they are passed on to you.

Informed Strategy
Authoritative Expertise
Agile Deployment

On the mark, not in the dark.

Our mission is to deliver your brand an independent, reliable source of information regarding the true cost of lead acquisition. The data sets we have at our disposal are among the most comprehensive and connected in the world, and they support our recommendations with facts—not feelings.

Our track record speaks volumes.

For nearly a decade, we have pioneered the data-driven leads revolution across multiple industries. Our innovation and insight, along with this expertise, makes us the partner brands choose when they want actionable intelligence on how to improve ROI.

The wait is over.

We understand the importance of speed to market. LeadAmp has streamlined the onboarding process to get our partners utilizing our services, and seeing results as quickly as possible.

Human Ingenuity, Personalized Service

As a company, our people are our strategy. As a partner, our relationships mean everything. Providing the best customer experience is the prime directive of Clearlink, and people make that possible.

High-Performing Teams
A True Partnership
Clear Communication

A results-focused roster.

Expert marketers, data scientists, and developers work hand in hand to create custom-tailored solutions for your brand’s individual needs. Our strategy is to hire the right people for the right team, resulting in maximum efficiency and output by giving our experts the freedom to collaborate and innovate.

Invested in your success.

We succeed when your business succeeds, so we consider ourselves an extension of your internal team, rather than a traditional vendor. Our business was founded on driving optimal results for our partners, and we take that responsibility seriously.

The line is always open.

Communication is the key to a successful partnership, and we are firm believers in ensuring you’re always in the loop. Whether it’s scheduling weekly status updates, brainstorming meetings to bring new ideas and tactics to the table, or
providing multiple ways of communicating with our experts, communication is always frequent and transparent.

Case Studies from the forefront of Intelligent CX.

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Clearlink and Cartesian Prove Added Value from Partners in Branded Paid Search

Learn how Clearlink’s unique digital marketing and sales expertise helped increase a leading energy company’s installations by 45%.

Clearlink Powers 45% Increase in New Installations for Leading Energy Company

Learn how Clearlink’s unique digital marketing and sales expertise helped increase a leading energy company’s installations by 45%.

Clearlink’s Online-to-Offline Attribution Accuracy Surpasses 90%

Clearlink's long-standing relationship with a leading telecom company has changed the way the industry looks at paid search. Real-time bid and position analysis dynamically connected to inbound call volume resulted in an 80% decrease in cost per click, while revenue volume grew 15%.