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Better Data Builds Better Experiences

Behavior Modeling and Profiling
Customer Experience Optimization
Advanced Analytics
Conversion Rate Optimization
Information Services
Know more about your audience while providing a more personalized experience. Our integrated data systems analyze your customers’ online and offline behaviors and append them to our comprehensive demographic database to recognize growth opportunities.
We enable organizations to maximize the effectiveness of their digital efforts with impactful guidance from our world-class CX professionals. This in-depth evaluation of your brand's digital presence further enhances your ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
Make sense of complex business landscapes through analytics. From machine learning algorithms that anticipate customer behavior to predictive models that rank your customers’ propensity to buy, our AI-enabled platforms transform data into strategic business knowledge.
Our CRO team offers full-service analytics, UX design, and user behavior research. With our integrated data systems, we test, optimize, and deploy strategically superior solutions, providing outstanding online and offline customer experiences.
Whether implementing and managing your comprehensive data infrastructure, sourcing clickstream data to integrate it with your offline transactions, or standing up cloud services to turn your data into real-time applications, we can meet your data science needs at any scale.

Human Expertise Augmented by Artificial Intelligence

Leading-Edge Technology

Not only is our technology built on the latest architecture, our data science solutions are powered by billions of data points, consumer profiles, and advanced AI. In a rapidly evolving industry, those who can leverage information to their advantage gain the competitive edge.

Data Assets
Advanced Information Architecture
Online to Offline Tracking

Millions of unique profiles, billions of data points.

Our system boasts more than 250 million indicators for US consumer lifestyles, demographics, interests, and behaviors. Make your marketing and sales strategies relevant to your customers with one of the most extensive data sets on earth.

Scalability meets stability.

Our information architecture brings the best of cutting-edge cloud services from standalone serverless APIs built on AWS Lambda functions to comprehensive, optimized, and performant graph databases, ensuring your data science foundation is rock-solid.

Stay connected.

Business is not confined to the internet, so why should customer tracking end when the transaction moves into the real world? We know monitoring this outcome is crucial for businesses that have both online and brick-and-mortar
presences. Our unique methodology tracks online to offline traffic, giving you this vital piece of data in measuring your campaigns’ effectiveness.

Even Our Teams Are Optimized

The data science talent at Clearlink is second to none. Our teams are structured for maximum output with their tight-knit structure and handpicked members that support each other with their unique skills. Plus, our talent-building intern program keeps the freshest talent within our walls.

High-Performing Teams
Homegrown Experts
Collaborative Development

Focused on data. Driven by results.

We assemble our data science teams with experienced professionals who complement each other’s strengths and build the bonds between them for maximum output. Whether it’s machine learning or digital data organization, we have the right talent mix to make it work.

In-house innovation.

We enlist the best talent Utah's Silicon Slopes has to offer, with a full-year internship program for the next generation of data science experts. Recruits are trained on the newest technology platforms, ensuring our data science engines will always be on the cutting edge.

Redefining teamwork.

Software development is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, which is why we work in collaborative programming teams. We use Pair and Mob programming to focus our best developers into a concentrated beam of productivity and problem-solving. These teams propagate coding best
practices, reduce bugs, and knowledge-share among all of our engineers. This environment raises the entire team’s capacity to develop capabilities efficiently, annihilating technical debt and opening doors to collaborative innovation.

Case studies from the forefront of Intelligent CX.

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Clearlink and Cartesian Prove Added Value from Partners in Branded Paid Search

Learn how Clearlink’s unique digital marketing and sales expertise helped increase a leading energy company’s installations by 45%.

Clearlink Powers 45% Increase in New Installations for Leading Energy Company

Learn how Clearlink’s unique digital marketing and sales expertise helped increase a leading energy company’s installations by 45%.

Clearlink’s Online-to-Offline Attribution Accuracy Surpasses 90%

Clearlink's long-standing relationship with a leading telecom company has changed the way the industry looks at paid search. Real-time bid and position analysis dynamically connected to inbound call volume resulted in an 80% decrease in cost per click, while revenue volume grew 15%.