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Industry Expertise

Retail energy is a unique industry, and your business deserves a partner that understands its intricacies, regulations, and pain points. We pride ourselves on our understanding of this business, and after earning tens of thousands of customers, we’ve never had a single Public Utility Commission complaint attributed to work done on behalf of our partners.

Total Transparency

Building trust takes honesty, so we love sharing our strategies and tactics with our partners. We never put our data in a black box or hide behind the phrase “proprietary system.” By keeping everything out in the open, we can collaborate with your teams more effectively and continually improve results.

Brand Stewardship

Brand reputation is vital to your company’s success, so anyone acting on your behalf should treat your company as if it were theirs. Our motto is Be the Brand, which means you can trust Clearlink’s work to be indistinguishable from your in-house team’s.