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Intelligence-Augmented Marketing

Predictive Paid Search
Organic Search Optimization
Targeted Display & Social Media Marketing
Integrated Infrastructure Services
Data-Driven Design
Using our data engines, we build predictive models that combine data from both online and offline customer interactions for hyper-focused targeting, placement, and bid optimization in near real time. The result is increased performance and decreased click costs.
Set your SEO efforts for long-term revenue growth with highly authoritative editorial content and proactive digital PR. We’re experts of organic search, creating content in sync with the latest Google algorithms and optimized for high-value ranking.
Deliver personalized content to your audience with data-targeted display and social media marketing. Covering brand awareness, lead generation, and retargeting, our comprehensive behavior database enables your campaigns to be ultra-granular and intent-specific.
Your customer experience is only as good as the architecture on which it is built. Our back-end infrastructure services ensure you have lightning-fast load times and seamless API integration for a frictionless experience for you and your audience.
Beginning with the customer in mind, our teams of UX designers strategize, optimize, and analyze touchpoints to create intuitive experiences. We then regularly test and improve the design, based on real interactions, keeping your content as dynamic as your customers.

A Better Experience for Your Customers. And You.

Innovation and Implementation with Impact

With highly productive teams of experts working in an agile environment, we specialize in producing innovative solutions quickly and efficiently. Get to market faster, give your customers an exceptional experience, and grow your business to new heights.

Innovative Expertise
Rapid Development

We succeed when you succeed.

Our starting point for any campaign is with the results in mind, so we won't waste your time, or resources, on strategies that don't work. And with our flexible pricing structure, we’re just as invested in growing your brand as you are.

Continual improvement through connected data.

We believe in continually challenging the status quo and will always look to deliver results faster and more efficiently. If we see an opportunity, we'll bring it to the table; you won't be alone in driving your brand's growth. Plus, with our Intelligent
Customer Experience as a part of our marketing services chain, there’s rarely a data point, interaction, or conversion that doesn’t help elevate your marketing efforts and improve your customers’ experience.

Don’t throttle your speed to market.

With the fast-paced demands of consumers, speed to market is crucial. Not only do we hire the best people, but we structure our teams for maximum efficiency and output. After deployment, we test and refine with responsive feedback loops to deliver the best experiences.

Human Ingenuity, Personalized Service

As a company, our people are our strategy. As a partner, our relationships mean everything. Providing the best customer experience is the prime directive of Clearlink, and people make that possible.

The Right People
A True Partnership
Clear Communication

Our experts are your experts.

We build high-functioning, collaborative teams with marketing specialists who pride themselves on dedication to their craft. These experts ingrain themselves in your brand, becoming an extension of your marketing department. Because we pair
you with fully staffed, cross-functional teams of marketers who are invested in your success, you can rest easy knowing that your brand’s growth is in expert hands.

A relationship built for the long-term

When your business grows, so does ours. That’s why we pride ourselves on the relationships we maintain with our partners. With customer satisfaction rates topping 95%, our long-term approach has no shortage of advocates.

A transparent process and open communication.

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, so all of our marketing solutions are provided with total transparency. We offer visibility into our strategy and tactics while giving in-depth analyses of the results and getting your input on
future decisions, making this a true collaborative partnership. Internally, our unique structure ensures that teams communicate across departments, keeping messages consistent throughout all channels.

Case studies from the forefront of Intelligent CX.

Our work speaks for itself, but let's talk about getting results. View All Case Studies >

Clearlink and Cartesian Prove Added Value from Partners in Branded Paid Search

Learn how Clearlink’s unique digital marketing and sales expertise helped increase a leading energy company’s installations by 45%.

Clearlink Powers 45% Increase in New Installations for Leading Energy Company

Learn how Clearlink’s unique digital marketing and sales expertise helped increase a leading energy company’s installations by 45%.

Clearlink’s Online-to-Offline Attribution Accuracy Surpasses 90%

Clearlink's long-standing relationship with a leading telecom company has changed the way the industry looks at paid search. Real-time bid and position analysis dynamically connected to inbound call volume resulted in an 80% decrease in cost per click, while revenue volume grew 15%.