Predictive and Performance-Based Sales

Performance-Based Sales Center
Rapid Lead Qualification
Online Ordering Systems
Chat Program
Up Sales and Cross Sales
We arm our sales agents with data-backed technology, like intelligent profile matching and dynamic call routing, to give your customers the best possible experience. Plus, performance-based pricing means only paying for acquired customers. It's a smarter way to sell.
For online customers who need an offline conversation to complete the sale, our Lead Qualification and Routing program is there. AI algorithms analyze, score, and direct customers to our professional sales agents within seconds, facilitating personalized sales or remarketing.
Pair your sales software API with an optimized online ordering system that meets customers wherever they are in the purchase cycle. High-speed databases determine the best product combination for each customer, while intelligent UX delivers a seamless buying experience.
Our unique, dedicated chat team is trained to close the sale with customers who prefer to keep the conversation online. With our AI-augmented, "human-in-the-loop" technology, our expert sales agents can deliver as personalized an experience as a face-to-face interaction.
Grow incremental business while increasing lifetime value with our up-selling solutions. Our sales agents utilize our expansive consumer insight database to recommend relevant and useful products that increase units and revenue per sale while enhancing your customers’ lives.

Personalized Service, Backed by Big Data

Conversion-Boosting Technology

Our technology is outcome-driven, self-improving, and designed to deliver a personalized experience at scale. Comprehensive consumer profile databases feed our sales management software and move information effortlessly between online and offline conversations.

Sales Management Software
Profile-Matching Technology
Connecting Online to Offline

Centralized intelligence.

We integrate our technology directly with your systems to marry our proprietary sales enablement software with your existing order processes. Our technologists handle the buildout and integration, while our agents handle growing your business.

A personalized approach.

Using our integrated data systems, we can leverage billions of data points of customer behavior information. Comprehensive customer profiles are used to evaluate calls and connect them to the best agent for their situation, resulting in higher conversion and satisfaction rates.

Keep the conversation going.

Let your customers move their purchasing path online to offline without skipping a beat. Our technology pulls information from their online activity and uses it to inform our agents, for an experience that is as personal as it is efficient.

Powered by Our People

Our sales teams are highly trained, motivated, and committed to providing the best customer experiences. Paired with cutting-edge technology, dedicated agents provide best-in-class service, resulting in happier and more loyal customers.

Focused Sales Agents
Redefining Culture
A Perfect Partnership

No distractions, just sales.

Hit growth targets with agents who are laser-focused on selling your services. We hand-select our agents for their sales potential, coach them to expert status, and give them maximum incentive to provide outstanding customer experiences.

A workplace like no other.

Our sales floor is high-energy and fun and encourages healthy competition and camaraderie among our agents. We offer great incentives, unique team structures, and regular giveaways, all in the name of working hard and playing hard.

Committed to your success.

You expect growth, collaboration, and transparency, and that is precisely what we deliver. Our sales teams routinely outperform industry averages by wide margins, our systems feature easy integration, and we pride ourselves on open and clear communication.
Conversion Rate Optimization
With our integrated data systems, we test, optimize, and deploy strategically superior solutions, providing outstanding customer conversion, online and offline.
Self-Improving Feedback Loops
Our AI systems funnel customer data through feedback loops that continually improve performance, resulting in faster, more engaging experiences.

Case studies from the forefront of Intelligent CX.

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Clearlink and Cartesian Prove Added Value from Partners in Branded Paid Search

Learn how Clearlink’s unique digital marketing and sales expertise helped increase a leading energy company’s installations by 45%.

Clearlink Powers 45% Increase in New Installations for Leading Energy Company

Learn how Clearlink’s unique digital marketing and sales expertise helped increase a leading energy company’s installations by 45%.

Clearlink’s Online-to-Offline Attribution Accuracy Surpasses 90%

Clearlink's long-standing relationship with a leading telecom company has changed the way the industry looks at paid search. Real-time bid and position analysis dynamically connected to inbound call volume resulted in an 80% decrease in cost per click, while revenue volume grew 15%.