1 Billion
people reached with our content per year
75 Million
qualified leads for partners a year
$1.5 Billion
in GMV for brand partners a year

What we do

We build, acquire, and grow digital brands to help over 300 million people a year make better decisions. With our insights, expertise, and influence, we bring transparency to complex industries and improve the lives of everyday consumers. We leverage our engaged audiences to enable advertisers to reach new, highly-qualified potential customers, driving $1.5 billion in GMV a year.

Performance Marketing

We create experiences that enable consumers to easily find, compare, and research products and services. Our team creates elevated experiences for consumers across content, digital media, paid advertising, email, social, video, and more. We help people find what they need, and we leverage our engaged audiences to help our brand partners reach new consumers.

Expert Content

We create valuable content to help people find, compare, buy, and use products and services that improve their everyday lives. Our content team is composed of subject-matter experts who obsessively research and test, so they can make the best recommendations. Our content team creates helpful videos, articles, emails, social media posts, and more. We meet people wherever they’re looking to find answers to their questions. At the core of everything we do, we help people.

Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary technology helps create meaningful connections between people and the brands they love. Our tools help people compare products and services in sophisticated ways. In-house, our technology enables us to create content in scalable, leading-edge frameworks. We’re always leveraging technology to create the best possible online experiences for humans around the world.

Elevated User Experience

Prioritizing user experience unites us in purpose and drives our long-term business strategy. We put users first and create better online experiences that empower people. We’re passionate about researching, testing, and iterating. To help people easily make decisions to improve their everyday lives, we compile proprietary, in-house data based on real customer experiences and feedback.

Valuable Partnerships

Our user-first philosophy means we connect people to the right services and products for their needs, leading to higher LTV customers for our advertisers. Because we engage with consumers throughout the entire buying journey, 50% of our advertisers’ conversions come in on future interactions beyond the initial click sent from our websites. We work closely with our advertisers to leverage our vast user base to help drive strategic priorities.

Our History

Founded in 2003 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Clearlink has always been committed to creating the best possible online experiences. Not only do we believe fighting for users is the right thing to do, but we also believe it’s the most viable long-term business strategy. Over the years, our business model has evolved several times to bring us where we are today: focused on building brands that elevate user experience, guiding consumers through complex decisions, and connecting people with products and services that they need.

We’re Growing

We grow our team through adding exceptional talent, acquiring successful brands that fit our mission, and building strategic partnerships. Our ever-expanding reach means we’re always finding more ways to help people make better decisions that improve their everyday lives.