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Intelligent Customer Experience

Our unique capability to connect billions of data points with consumer engagements informs each stage of the buyer lifecycle and gives us the power to analyze and continually improve the customer experience. This data serves as the information framework for our sales and marketing experts who provide the human ingenuity to make each interaction feel personal.

Case studies from the forefront of Intelligent CX.

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Pioneering the Future of PPC Strategy

Clearlink's long-standing relationship with a leading telecom company has changed the way the industry looks at paid search. Real-time bid and position analysis dynamically connected to inbound call volume resulted in an 80% decrease in cost per click, while revenue volume grew 15%.

Vivint’s Moving Target: Advanced Customer Profiling Boosts Sales 60%

Clearlink’s advanced customer insight capability makes it Vivint’s biggest online home automation retailer.

Making Kate Spade More Fashionable to Organic Traffic

Luxury brand Kate Spade partnered with Portent, a Clearlink digital agency's, SEO team to plan and execute a strategy for increased organic traffic and increased e-commerce sales on their site. Thanks to our expert teams overseeing the optimization, Kate Spade saw 30% year-over-year revenue growth and 22% more non-paid traffic.