SocialX: Intelligence. Strategy. Engagement.

A strong social media presence has never been more vital to a brand’s success. By leveraging SocialX’s Intelligence, Strategy, and Engagement offerings, brands can build awareness, increase positive consumer sentiment, and become inclusive community leaders.

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We provide an understanding of the social conversation using real-time and historical research, reactive and proactive listening, and analysis of industry and brand-related topic mentions across social channels.

We scour social networks, forums, reviews, blogs, and media sites for data to provide strategic recommendations that fuel your brand’s social media, content marketing, paid media, product, and go-to-market strategies. Simply put, we’ve got 👀on everything so you don’t have to.

TL;DR: from product development to trend reporting and competitive analysis, SocialX is your go-to resource that ensures you meet your consumers where they are while giving them what they want, how they want it.


Let’s break this down: our social media experts develop a strategy tailored to your brand’s goals and objectives based on research and analysis, avoiding being trendy just to be trendy. Our team creates a data-backed, curated social content calendar to distribute organic media to encourage community conversation. While developing your social strategy, we consider:

  • marketing content and campaign development.
  • monitoring and reporting.
  • engagement, including special events and influencers.

This is all done based on consumer conversations, behaviors, and trends to maximize your online efforts without getting canceled.


Our Social Engagement team connects with consumers across all stages of the journey to foster awareness and advocacy. Through our tailored strategy, we cultivate conversion by creating unique brand-consumer connections and increasing your customer satisfaction. Easter egg: this helps drive brand retention and loyalty so customers stay with you through thick and thin.

In addition, we monitor and measure our social media performance to ensure that we engage with our brands’ customers on the right platform at the right time with the right message.

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SocialX is built to build your brand and online presence with our three pillars of social success. Connect with us today so we can start your viral journey to social dominance.